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 Alex Lynn Blair

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-Alex Lynn Blair

-Alex has a twin sister named Skyler. Alex is younger by a few minutes and about an inch shorter than Skyler. They are almost always together, often finishing each others sentences or thinking so alike that they know what the other is thinking. She and Sklyer tend to dress the same, a edgey punk like style. One with lots of vibrant colors and accessories, just fun in general. She is alittle shy at first, her twin sometimes overshadowing her, But if you really look at her and want to be friends with her she is a carefree happy-go-lucky person. She does have a temper though, blowing up on people who say/do things that irritate her. She is protective of her friends and especially her sister.

- Mom: Celeste Dad: Damien
- She is closest to her sister, the other half of her mind, XD
-17 Born May 15th 1991
- Human


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everybody is fooled.
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everybody is fooled.

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Cool Character.


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Alex Lynn Blair
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