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 Senecretsia Lsciqe

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PostSubject: Senecretsia Lsciqe   Sat Feb 21, 2009 5:06 pm

-Senecretsia Akrazya Lsciqe

- Bio : Sene and her twin sister Iobix were born in Greece, where their father was a royal guard to the imperial family of Didymos. He wasn't around much, and to be honest when he was around he somewhat scared the two children. In his presence they were always impeccably polite and rarely met his gaze. When they were 12, he engaged them to Donvein, in Sene's case, and Priapus in Iobix's case.
At the time, Donvein was 14, and the two became best friends and by the time of their marriage when Sene was 13 they had learned to love each other. Sene and Iobix moved away from their parents with their husbands, and for another 3 years everyone lived happily.
One day Icarion came to visit for the first time since her marriage. She'd not been surprised that he looked no different than the last time they'd met, he'd looked much the same throughout her whole life. In those 3 years, Sene and Donvein had 2 children, a son and a daughter. Her son, Atolycus was 2, and her daughter, Selinaka, was about a half a year old when Icarion came. He wanted Sene to come visit him and her mother for a few days, and Iobix would be there too. When she got there, Icarion told her that he was a vampire, and she and Iobix were turned into vampires while their parents watched over them.
When she went back to Donvein, she told him everything, and he decided that he wanted to go through this with her, so she changed him too. Soon after, a full family reunion was called, and there she met her cousin. Her worst enemy. Khaos. Khaos was also a vampire, it was something proudly passed down in her family, and right away he set his sights on her. It was one of her aunts, who knew both of them quite well, that noticed this first and, knowing what this meant and scared for Sene, told her parents. She didn't know what was going on until she was in Europe, where her parents sent her, without Donvein and her children.
While she was in Europe, in France, she met Azazel. It didn't take them long at all to become best friends, and in a way they developed a father-daughter relationship, and he helped her get through it all. She didn't see Donvein or her children again until she was around 130. Donvein finally found her, and she learned that Atolycus was now a vampire as well, but Selinaka died when she was 11. In only a year, Khaos found her as well, and she had to run across Europe, then again to Asia, back to Europe, and finally over to the Americas. Azazel, being a demon, was able to follow her, but her family wasn't. Forks is a small town no one really notices, and she hopes that, for awhile at least, she'll be safe from Khaos there and can find Donvein and Atolycus again.

-Alive family members : none are known for sure, but we assume that Donvein, Atolycus, Iobix, Icarion, and Aara (her mother)
-Friends : Azazel
-Age : 16/455
-Race : vampire


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Senecretsia Lsciqe
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