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 the Agony Aunt is here to help -smiles warmly-

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the Agony Aunt is here to help -smiles warmly- Empty
PostSubject: the Agony Aunt is here to help -smiles warmly-   the Agony Aunt is here to help -smiles warmly- EmptySat Feb 21, 2009 4:19 pm

Hello Sweethearts! you all know me, Im Rose! and just like on the other 2 twilight sites,
I will now be offering my advice skills. *hugs*

We all know that this game we call "life" can get you down, and can get really mixed up.
Its easy to understand that you might feel lost.

But never fear Hunni's, thats why im here! I will try and help you out in any situation possible! to cheer you up, to offer a shoulder to cry on, or to just be a good listener if you just want to get somthing off your chest!

And if you feel that somthing is a little too personal to post, simply PM it to me, and i'll help you A.S.A.P!
rest assured that you can trust me dears!

So if you have somthing you need advice with, simply post a new topic about it, and I'll be right on the case!

Love Rose xx

the Agony Aunt is here to help -smiles warmly- Esmecarlisle-1
x I'll always wuv my Best Friends: Sho-Chan (kat, my beloved GF!!!), Cj, Kimochi (Moodz), Hales and Tsuki! x
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the Agony Aunt is here to help -smiles warmly-
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