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 Maria Cornila Shawn

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PostSubject: Maria Cornila Shawn   Fri Feb 06, 2009 7:52 pm

-Maria Cornila Shawn

-Maria is a nice girl, very pretty and very well liked. Boy’s fight over her. Maria is used to this kind of thing, but to her it gets annoying some times. She has had around 4 boy friends in her life, and she loved all of them. Now, she just loves them like family. She is still looking for the right boy. What Maria really wants to know, is what she is on earth for. Maria loves to sing and dance with her friends. She has sleep over’s all the time! And Maria is just the type of girl that all girls look up to. She is smart, strong, tall, and the perfect role model.
- Family: Her mom, dad, one brother, aunt, uncle, both grandparents, 3 cousins.
- Friends: Lots of them!
- Age: 15
- Race: Vampire

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Maria Cornila Shawn
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