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 The Car Dealerships

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PostSubject: The Car Dealerships   The Car Dealerships EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 11:00 pm

I arrived at the Honda dealer about 10 min after leaving Valisa house I had to get directions on the street because I entered the town from the opposite side making it look like I came from the Inn just outside town. I arrived at the dealer before it opened and spent time just sitting outside the dealer. It didn't take me long to fork over the rest of the money for the bike and buy some shirts along the way. A total of New leather jacket, new leather pants, A brand new designer helmet, a new plain fox jacket, and 5 new T-shirts. I headed back toward Valisas house. taking me about 10 min to get out of town cause there were to many people awake now for me to travel any faster I didn't need the cops to add an extra distraction.
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The Car Dealerships
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