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 The Bandy Residence

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Kieran switched through the gears of the car quickly smiling at the quiet purr of the engine. He'd seen the house before but it had not been his last time. The single house key was in his right pocket. Finally he was gonna get away from it all. Every single bad thing that had ever happened was going to go away. He could start over again with a clean slate. No one here knew anything about him and that gave him a comfort beyond his wildest dreams. "New Again" was blasting thruogh his speakers and he thought of just exactly how fitting the song was. It was perfect for the moment. He pulled into the driveway and killed the engine. Adam Lazzara's voice was cut off abruptly and he was left with nothing but the sound of the wind ruffling the leaves on the trees that surronded his house so thouroughly. It wasn't the best looking house on earth but for kieran it was a sanctuary. The first safe place he'd ever had and no matter how shabby he was already in love with it. Kieran stepped out of his car and climbed up the small slope to the door. All the furniture he had purchased was alrady inside. Logan and Brody had moved it in for him while he cleaned up some last problems with the court and his mother. He slipped the key into the doorknob and stepped insde smiling down at the worn hardwood floors. It was cool inside and smelled like it had been recently cleaned. He walked around poking his head in all the rooms then he went and unloaded all the groceries from his car. The new fridge hummed with pleasure of being filled up. Kieran grabbed a Monster from inside then went to sit outside on his porch smiling at all he could in his little secluded spot of heaven.

The Bandy Residence Kieranshouse
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The Bandy Residence
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