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 Riley Mason

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Riley Mason Jensen-1

Name: Riley Mason

Age: 18/101

Species: Vampire

Biography: Riley was born in 1907 in New Rochelle, New York. He had never known his father because he had left before Riley was even born, leaving his mother Amber Mason to fend for herself. When Riley became old enough he did many things to help his mother out. She eventually became very ill and died. Riley ended up living on the streets, when he was about 17 he met a young woman named Elizabeth Jones. He was astounded by her beauty jet black hair, gold eyes and pale skin, she later told him that she was a vampire, the two shared something very special. When he turned 18 Elizabeth turned him into a vampire thinking they would be together forever. She helped him cope to feeding off animal blood, the two traveled all over the world together. Over the years together Elizabeth's attitude changed and she was more aggressive towards him. She eventually ended up leaving him on his own. He continued traveling around the world and vowing he would never love again and or doom anyone to the same fate he was currently in. He made his way from different cities and came to a small town called Forks where he currenty stays.

Personality: Riley is a very sweet person and can be very protective of the people he cares about once you get to know him. He's not sure about people sometimes because his mother died when he was young and the girl who had made him what he is now left him, he basically doesn't try to get to attached. He doesn't get angry very often and it takes a lot to tick him off. He has a very high pitch scream that can knock back any vampire or human and it hurts vampire's ears when they hear it.


Friends: Elizabeth (she was kind of like a lover)

Enemies: None

Mother: Amber Mason

Father: Unknown

Siblings: None


Your Name: Mandy or better yet Cee/Atlantic

Role Playing Exp: 5 months

Other Characters: Skyler Marie Blair

my blood is red for you

Riley Mason Vampires-bouchesang
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everybody is fooled.
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everybody is fooled.

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PostSubject: Re: Riley Mason   Riley Mason EmptyThu Jun 25, 2009 7:43 pm

you may now
start roleplaying.

Riley Mason Deadlydecisions
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Riley Mason
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