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 Kyle Shea Markton

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PostSubject: Kyle Shea Markton   Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:53 pm


NAME: Kyle Shea Markton

AGE: 17/400

SPECIES:Vampire(human, vampire, werewolf)

BIOGRAPHY: Kyle grew up on a small farm in the middle of Russia with his 4 brothers, 2 sisters, slaves and parents. He had a fairly busy and active life since he was the youngest he was always treated the harshest. His farther believed that all their sons should be strong. He sent them through everything from sword lessons to academics. Kyle never had much interest in the farm itself since it by right would go to his older brother. He was always eager to head into town to sell the crops. He easily got a high price from them. He was good with other human beings and enjoyed being in the city. One day a teenager came walking up to Kyles house. He asked if he may pay to spend the night in one of the mansions many rooms. This wasn't anything unusual since the it was at least a days trip in either direction to an inn or the town. Kyles Father Ben allowed him the room. In the middle of the night Kyle woke to a scream from his sisters room. He waited to hear his fathers footsteps but nothing came. It trigered to him that something must be wrong. His brothers rushed out to check on her and he could hear scuffling. His brother David told him to wait in the room while he went to check on things. David was only a year older than Kyle and was betrothed to his bride Kristian. The next thing Kyle heard was his brother yelling for him to run. He didn't give it a second thought he shot down the hall and to his little sisters room. In case of any emergancy he was always told to take care of his sisters. Espically since his younger sister was blind. But when he got to her room he found her laying dead white on her bed. with the site of dried blood on the mattress near her neck. She was dead. Suddenly Kyle was knocked headfirst into the wooden floor. He managed to roll over just as the teenager from earilier landed on his chest. he felt his rip crack under the pressure of the boys weight but before he could react the boy bit him on the neck. like some deranged creature. he felt it start to suck his blood and then Johnathan his eldest brother was there and hit the boy across the back of the head with a shovel. It barely faised the boy but he turned his attention to Johnathan giving Kyle enough time to escape. He jumped from the second story window the to tree outside and down and fled into the forest. His family destoried. He blacked out about an hour later and came to with such a hunger. Without even thinking he hunted down 2 dear and one lion. Later he realized that he was lucky the farm was so far from civilzation or he may have hunted human instead of animal.

PERSONALITY: Kyle loves human kind. He loves being around people but is also extremely shy and distant. Hes afraid that his thirst will get the better of him at some moment. Kyle has the unique gift to cast an illusion. He controls portions of what the brain processes and can make a everything from what someone sees to what they hear completely different than what is actually happening. He's a very friendly person but hes also very cautious of everything surrounding him. He's not outspoken but don't taking him as a shy person would be a mistake. Keep in mind that he is slow to anger but you definitely

don't want to make him made for his rage is a sight no one wishes to see.


FRIENDS: None as of yet.

ENIMIES: The teenage Vampire that changed him

MOTHER: Jessica Markton
(believed to be dead but he doesn't know for certain)

FATHER: Benjerman Markton
(believed to be dead but he doesn't know for certain)

SIBLINGS: Janice, David, Jonathan, Daniel, Edward, and Emily Markton (all believed to be dead but he doesn't know for certain)



ROLE PLAYING EXP.: about a year.

[size=12]OTHER CHARACTERS: Arielle Elizibeth Montage[/font]
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PostSubject: Re: Kyle Shea Markton   Sat Jun 20, 2009 5:25 pm

<3 you may now role play (;

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Kyle Shea Markton
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