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 The Beaulieu Villa

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PostSubject: The Beaulieu Villa   The Beaulieu Villa EmptyMon Mar 16, 2009 12:34 am

(Dane) Tearing down the driveway I wondered what monstrosity of a house Lyra picked out for us. She wouldn't let me come in and choose with her she had said it was a surprise. I just hoped she hadn't bought a castle like the one in Transilvania, though it didn't look like there would be many of those around here. We turned the last corner the tires spinning up the mud and I got my first glimpse of the house.

I had to give it to her it wasn't to bad. The house was big but built onto a hill so the main bulk of it was hidden. It was a work of art. Inside was just as beautiful, the floors were hardwood and gave slightly when I tread on them. I walked up the staircase as was astonished to see a painting of Victor standing regal and proud.

"Do you like it?" Lyra came up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder.

"How did you get it?" I asked amazed

"I painted it." She smiled, "I thought you might like it." I looked at her dumbfounded this house was perfect.

The House (I've actually stayed here. It's a bed and breakfast in Brisbane Australia and it is my dream house.)
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A return to Heaven
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The Beaulieu Villa
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