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 The Office

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{Dane} I walked quietly beside my sister as she guided us to the office building. This was crazy this was stupid this was.... Something different. We had been alone together for so long it was a relief to be among other intelligent life that wasn't just food. Students moved quickly out of the way as we approached perhaps our blood red eyes scared them, perhaps it was just us.

We turned into the small, dingy office and Lyra confidently walked up to the dumpy woman behind the desk.

"Why hello we are new students here, this is Dane," she waved at me, "and I'm Lyra. Our registration should be under the name Beaulieu." She waited impatiently for the woman to process our information but she just seemed dumbstruck. Lyra raised her eyebrows and politely rapped in the desk; she showed and immense amount of restraint from my point of view. The woman gave a start as she realised she had been staring and typed something in to her computer.

"Yes..em we have been expecting you. You must be the ones from France." She hastily searched through a pile of papers and pulled out two sceduals. "Here are you classes Lyra you are a senior and your brother is a Junior."

"Thank you for all your help I think we've got it from here." She cut the woman off as she started to say something else.

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The Office
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