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 A Debate

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PostSubject: A Debate   Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:43 pm

Here you can (politely) tell us all about why you do or do not like Twilight the Series. Before making your argument you should comment on the last post.


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PostSubject: Re: A Debate   Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:59 pm

Okay, here I go.

This may sound odd, but when I was first reading Twilight, (and reading it in the middle of the night, I might add) I felt oddly full. Kinda happy. Twilight was one of the best books that I have ever read, and that's really saying something. I loved the way they Stephenie Meyer wrote the saga, its wonderful. I love how unique the series is.

Some people say that they read the books and that they hate them so badly. Some people read them, loved them, then grew out of the obsession and hated them. Some even created Anti- Twilight fan sites, such as I can understand that they hate the books, but to go as far as to making a web site (a very nice site, I hate to say. Its set up wonderfully) to bash the very book that thousands of girls/guys love/like/respect is a tad extream to me.

Some Twilight Haters say that the books were badly written. Some say that it was totally unrealistic. Well, duh! Its a fiction vampire book. I found it very believeable.

Quote :
Alrighty then, time for an anti's take on it!

discovered Twilight in 2006, and I wasn't impressed. While Ms. Meyer
had some potential with her voice, there were a few too many grammar mistakes
grammatical errors; it was very repetitive (how many times do you have
to tell us how beautiful Edward is? WE GET IT); Edward and Bella never
really fell in love (although they were close enough for Edward to be
abusive and get away with it); there didn't seem to be much plot, and I
disliked most of the characters (when your three favorite characters
are Charlie, Jessica, and Eric you probably won't love the book). Also,
Ms. Meyer didn't seem to overuse her thesaurus, so much as misuse
it (for example: incandescent fits better when you're describing a
lightbulb than a vampire). And one other thing: Before Edward started
glittering, I was so excited about what was happening. Like, what if he
became horribly disfigured in the sunlight? Then Bella would have to
get to know the real Edward, and fall in love for real. But no, he had
to get even prettier. It was a major disappointment.

That it what one person on TA said at why they hate it.

Quote :
I love Twilight {and dislike it} and not just
because of Edward, true sparkly vampires WTH? I saw the book in the
book store and something about it caught my eye. I read the blurb and
decided to read it. I fell in love with Twilight, and not just because
of sparkly vampires or D)Edward. (Did someone just scream XD) Sure, the
book has is flaws--and Steph does use her thesaurus a lot. But who
doesn't love big words as long as when you read the sentence it makes
sense? YES the book is sort of sexist in that Bella can't seem todo
anything for herself. Sure, Edward is abusive not letting her do things
like visit Jacob and taking the engine out of her car. And if you
people out there who think Edward is perfect...well that's your choice.
No one can be perfect--it's impossible and against the laws of
something or other. The book does portray bad messages like having a
child when you're a teen. So, I like and hate it. Go SWITZERLAND lolz

I respect this person, because she took the time to actually write why she likes it and why she hates it. That is what I like to see form the 'bashers'. Dislikes, AND likes. Yes, the books could have been better in many ways, but I love them the way they are at this moment, and they should stay that way.

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A Debate
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