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 My 'About Me' Page on Twilight Academy

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everybody is fooled.
I'm sleepwalking back into this...
everybody is fooled.

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My 'About Me' Page on Twilight Academy Empty
PostSubject: My 'About Me' Page on Twilight Academy   My 'About Me' Page on Twilight Academy EmptyTue Mar 10, 2009 5:42 pm



ANYway................. -.-' Im board right now. But by the time you read this I could be on the set of New Moon screaming for Edward and stealing Carlisle... Yeah...

Now. Run off like the good little person you are and get me a lock of Carlisles hair, and everyone will be just FINE AND DANDY!

RAWR! eat it

I SHALL MAKE THIS LONG BY RAMBLEING ON ABOUT NOTHING! BUT I WILL DO THAT LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Okay.. well... most of you know me... and I highly dout that you are actually reading this right here... meh... HI! I ♥️ CARLISLE!


Okay. Yeah. What is with candy hearts? I mean, HONESTLY, there like, making you pay for the boxie and not the hearts! The boxies for the candy hearts used to be filled to the brim, making the boxie bulgs. Psh. Not anymore. There like, only half filled now. WTH IS WITH THAT?!?!?!?!?!

Okay, so the little bit about Carlisles hair.. Yeah.. Thats true. Now, if I seem like a crazy psychopath person well... Too bad Very Happy. I dont think YOU had a dream about your mother telling you that you had fatal schizophrenia, now did you? I dont think so. I need to stop eating that many jelly beasn before bed. Wow...

My 'About Me' Page on Twilight Academy Deadlydecisions
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My 'About Me' Page on Twilight Academy
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